50t block handler FDM798T-50


  • Product type : FDM798T-50
  • Product load : 50 tons
  • Lift height : 3000mm
  • Product description : 50 ton block handler is mainly used in marble mines as well as in marble loading and unloading trucks and handling operations.
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Product introduction

50t block handler FDM798T-50 Description

Block handler FDM798T-50 has the maximum loading capacity up to 52 ton when the lifting height is no higher than 500mm and rated loading capacity up to 50 ton when the lifting height is no longer than 1500mm. This loader is mainly used in marble / granite quarry, docks for stone, container and pallet handling.


1. Equipped with high quality 370hp Cummins engine to ensure high torque reserve and low fuel consumption.
2. Equipped with CAT technology countershaft transmission that provides high transmission efficiency and low operation noise.
3. Fitted with super loading drive axle with maximum static loading capacity of 110,000kg.
4. Super long wheelbase and steel structured framework ensure the loader more stable.
5. The pilot control system and hydraulic steering system with flow amplifier make the loader flexible and convenient in operation.
6. Patented strong lifting arm with 8 link rods can make sure heavy lift more stable and safe.
7. Equipped with fork and bucket for both use.

No Item Unit  
1 Engine hp 370 (Cummins)
2 Tire   29.5R29
3 Overall dimension mm 10300×3620×4100
4 Rated load kg 50000
5 Self-weight kg 46000
6 Load center mm 800
7 Max. load (lift height≤1500mm) kg 50000
8 Max. lift height (fork) mm 3000
9 Wheelbase mm 4600
10 Min. ground clearance mm 530
11 Hydraulic cycle time s 24
12 Turn angle (Left/Right) (°) 30/30
13 Fork tilt angle (Front/Rear) (°) 23/15
14 Grade ability (°) 18
15 Fuel tank capacity L 400
16 Hydraulic oil tank capacity L 370
17 Travel speed F km/h 22
R 20
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