15t rough terrain forklift FDM8150T


  • Product type : FDM8150T
  • Product load : 15 tons
  • Product weight : 22 tons
  • Product desc<x>ription : 15t off-road forklift (4-wheel drive forklift) FDM8150T
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Product introduction

FUDA 15t 4 wheel drive all terrain forklift is equipped with cummins engine,  reliable and easy operation F2/R1 planetary transmission with compact structure and high transmission efficiency, china top brand hydraulic valve/pump, high strength 3.3m lifting height mast, air-conditioner, 1600mm longer fork, standard enclosed operator cabin and OPS/ORS adjustable suspension seat. 


1. Pilot control;

2. Vedio;

3. sideshifter;

4. fork positioner;

5. Other lifting height mast;

6. Other size fork;
7. Hydraulic brake system.

15t rough terrain forklift FDM8150T specification

No. Name Data
1 Length Without fork 6550mm
With fork 8150mm
2 Width Wheel 3030mm
Frame 3040mm
3 Height Mast 3350mm
Cabin 3370mm
Max lifting 5000mm
4 Wheelbase 3210mm
5 Front overhang 1210mm
6 Front tread 2340mm
7 Rear tread 2340mm
8 Ground clearance (unladen/laden) Mast 450/400mm
Frame 500/450mm
9 Max. lifting height 3300mm
10 Free lifting height 100mm
11 Mast tilt angle (F/R) 6º/8º
12 Machine weight 22000kg
13 Max. lift speed (unladen) 320mm/s
14 Max. lift speed (laden) 270mm/s
15 Min. turning radius 6000mm
16 Max. travel speed (unladen) Ⅰ/Ⅱ 8km/h/36km/h
17 Max. travel speed (laden) Ⅰ/Ⅱ 8km/h/34km/h
18 Max. gradeability (laden) 25º
19 Max. pull force (laden) 180kN
20 Rated load 15000kg
21 Loader center 800mm
22 Engine Model 6CTA8.3-C215-II
Rated output 160Kw/2200rpm
Rated torque 809Nm/1500rpm
Displacement 8.3L
23 Transmission Shift F2/R1
24 Tyre 23.5-25

FUDA MACHINERY is a big forklift manufacturer, supplying 5t 10t 15t 20t 30t 40t 50t 4 wheel drive all terrain forklift truck.
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