35t forklift FDM8350


  • Product type : FDM8350
  • Product load : 35 tons
  • Product weight : 37 tons
  • Product desc<x>ription : 35t Internal Combustion Balancing Forklift Truck FDM8350
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Product introduction

FUDA 35t forklift is equipped with Weichai engine,  reliable and easy operation F2/R1 planetary transmission with compact structure and high transmission efficiency, china top brand hydraulic valve/pump, high strength 3.5m lifting height mast, fork positioner, air-conditioner, 2400mm long fork, standard enclosed operator cabin and OPS/ORS adjustable suspension seat.



1. Cummins 260hp engine;

2. Volvo engine;

3. Original American Parker plunger pump, valve and oil tube;

4. F6/R3 HangChi ZF technique transmission;

5. Other size fork;
6. Kessler drive axle;
7. Hydraulic brake system.

35t forklift FDM8350 specification

No. Name Data
1 Length Without fork 7320mm
With fork 9770mm
2 Width Wheel 3180mm
Frame 3150mm
3 Height Mast 3580mm
Cabin 3500mm
Max lifting 5830mm
4 Wheelbase 4800mm
5 Front overhang 1140mm
6 Front tread 2368mm
7 Rear tread 2280mm
8 Ground clearance (unladen/laden) Mast 350mm/300mm
Frame 430mm/400mm
9 Max. lifting height 3500mm
10 Free lifting height 120mm
11 Mast tilt angle (F/R) 8º/11º
12 Machine weight 37000kg
13 Max. lift speed (unladen) 300mm/s
14 Max. lift speed (laden) 270mm/s
15 Min. turning radius 7000mm
16 Max. travel speed (unladen) Ⅰ/Ⅱ 8km/h/25km/h
17 Max. travel speed (laden) Ⅰ/Ⅱ 8km/h/22km/h
18 Max. gradeability (laden) 20º
19 Max. pull force (laden) 260kN
20 Rated load 35000kg
21 Loader center 1000mm
22 Engine Model WP10G240E341
Rated output 178Kw/2200rpm
Rated torque 1100Nm/1400~1500rpm
Displacement 9.726cc
23 Transmission Shift F2/R1

FUDA MACHINERY is a big forklift manufacturer, supplying 12t 15t 16t 18t 20t 25t 32t 35t 40t 50t forklift truck.

If you need big forklift, just let me know your requirement. We are able to make to order on time.

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